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Tenure, promotion and emeritus status approvals

Congratulations to Roadrunners on the rise.

By Lindsey Coulter

June 15, 2020

Rowdy giving thumbs up and standing in front of Student Success Building.Last week, the Metropolitan State University of Denver Board of Trustees approved a number of faculty promotions and recommendations for emeritus status. Congratulations to all elevated faculty members for this great achievement and for your continued devotion to academic excellence and student success.

Emeritus status

  • Wilton Flemon, Ph.D., Chemistry
  • Aaron Gordon, Ph.D., Mathematical and Computer Sciences
  • Robert Hazan, Ph.D., Political Science
  • David Kottenstette, Communication Studies
  • Linda Lang-Peralta, Ph.D., English
  • Linda Marangia, Ph.D., Sociology and Anthropology
  • Thomas McInerney, Ph.D., History
  • Carol Quinn, Ph.D., Philosophy
  • Vicki Golich, Ph.D., Provost

Promotions to full professor

  • Carla Aguilar, Ph.D., Music
  • Sally Baalbaki-Yassine, Ph.D., Marketing
  • Alexis Bachik, Ph.D., Psychological Sciences
  • Philip Bernhardt, Ed.D., Secondary Education, K-12 Education and Educational Technology
  • Terry Buxton, Ph.D., Nursing
  • Lorretta Chavez, Ph.D., Special Education, Early Childhood and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education
  • Kathleen Deakin, Ph.D., English
  • John Ethier, Ph.D., Mathematical and Computer Sciences
  • Adam Graves, Ph.D., Philosophy
  • Jeffrey Helton, Ph.D., Health Professions
  • Lin Huang, Ph.D., Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Graham Ignizio, Ph.D., Modern Languages
  • Michael Jackowski, Ed.D., Marketing
  • Henry Jackson Jr., Ph.D., Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Ting Jiang, Ph.D., Sociology and Anthropology
  • Daniel Lair, Ph.D., Communication Studies
  • Kelly Monico, Art
  • Denise Mowder, Ph.D., Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Douglas Mpondi, Ph.D., Africana Studies
  • Alexandre Padilla, Ph.D., Economics
  • Andrew Pantos, Ph.D., English
  • Jessica Parker, Ph.D., English
  • Ella Maria Ray, Ph.D., Africana Studies
  • Steven Rissman, N.D., Health Professions
  • Anna Ropp, Ph.D., Psychological Sciences
  • Craig Svonkin, Ph.D., English
  • David Weiden, Ph.D., Political Science
  • Todd Yokley, Ph.D., Sociology and Anthropology
  • Kathryn Young, Ph.D., Secondary Education, K-12 Education and Educational Technology
  • Weiying Zhu, Ph.D., Mathematical and Computer Sciences

Recommended for tenure and promotion to associate professor

  • Karam Adibifar, Ph.D., Sociology and Anthropology
  • Tyler Bachelder, Aviation and Aerospace Science
  • Michelle Baum, Journalism and Media Production
  • Andrea Borrego, Ph.D., Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Emily Brower, Nursing
  • Brendan Fry, Ph.D., Mathematical and Computer Sciences
  • Patrick Griswold, M.Ed., Human Services and Counseling
  • Tara Hammar, Ph.D., Human Services and Counseling
  • Jovan Hernandez, Ph.D., Psychological Sciences
  • Amy Kern, Industrial Design
  • Steven Krizman, Journalism and Media Production
  • Shawn Meek, Art
  • Vida Melvin, Ph.D., Biology
  • Troy Morgan, Ph.D., Human Performance and Sport
  • Rebecca Nemec, Nursing
  • Emily Ondracek-Peterson, Ed.D., Music
  • Jooeun Pak, DMA, Music
  • Anahi Russo Garrido, Ph.D., Gender, Women and Sexualities Studies
  • Rachel Sinley, Ph.D., Nutrition
  • Lisa Suter, Ph.D., English

Topics: Academics, Excellence, Promotion, Tenure and promotion

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