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PeopleAdmin updates

Updates will allow for better categorization of position descriptions, personal scoping and more.

By Araceli Cortez and Angela Bender

June 10, 2020

Close up of hands on a laptop keyboard nearby a notebook and pen.The Human Resources Department will roll out a series of updates to PeopleAdmin in the coming months. The first update will allow hiring managers and initiators to appropriately categorize the type of update to a position description based on the new Compensation Structure. PeopleAdmin users will now have the ability to select the appropriate type of request from a drop-down menu and will have the ability to upload the appropriate supporting document/form, if any, in the Required Documents section.

HR has also rolled out a feature called personal scoping. This will allow for the routing of a position description to be tied to the appropriate approver. PeopleAdmin users will now have the ability to select the appropriate hiring manager, next level supervisor and vice president/dean to approve the updates to a position description. This will limit the amount of emails generated from PeopleAdmin to non-approvers within each department.

New fields have also been added to account for users (hiring manager, next level supervisors and vice presidents/deans) whose roles have changed and are not showing up within the drop-down menu. Help texts have been created and embedded within PeopleAdmin to assist end users with these new fields.

Based on the new Compensation Structure, the new drop-down menu available within PeopleAdmin's Position Management Module will include the following selections.

  • Vacancy External Posting
  • Vacancy Internal Posting
  • New Head Count Request
  • Off (Annual) Cycle Increase
  • Lateral Transfer
  • Demotion
  • Promotion

Please contact HR for more information.

Topics: Compensation, Human Resources

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