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Professional staff compensation study entering pilot phase

The University is one step closer to better supporting employees’ career progression and positioning MSU Denver as a career destination of choice.

February 26, 2020

MSU Denver sign against Denver cityscape.The Metropolitan State University of Denver compensation-structure study is ready to move into the pilot phase.

Working alongside compensation firm Innovative TR Solutions and considering feedback received during the development of the compensation structure and meetings with University leaders, Human Resources has drafts of the compensation guidelines in place and is ready to begin piloting them.

As part of this phase, HR will begin testing these guidelines and concepts for pay with each department. HR will also address compensation requests, such as promotions or requests for new positions, centered on these new guidelines. Requests will be addressed based on when those requests were received, focusing on employees who have had compensation discussions and/or have been waiting the longest for compensation review.

HR understands that this process has been a long one and thanks you for your support and patience as the department continues to work diligently to ensure that the new structure is sustainable well into the future.

The employee-compensation statements outlining where an employee falls within the new compensation structure will be distributed in early spring. The Faculty Compensation Review will follow the release of these statements and is scheduled to commence in late spring.

HR will continue to provide staff with support, education and training opportunities on the new compensation guidelines and pay structures. As you go through these training sessions, feedback will be critical in ensuring that we are creating a more robust, competitive and flexible system that supports employees’ career growth and allows MSU Denvere to be more competitive. As HR receives feedback, the department will adjust the guidelines as appropriate. There will be more communication from HR about these upcoming training sessions.

The new compensation structure will allow HR to create a base pay structure that enables the University to hire and retain talent and better support employees’ career progression. Furthermore, it ensures that MSU Denver offers equitable compensation within the marketplace and builds on our reputation as a career destination of choice.

More updates will appear in the Early Bird as HR continues to move this work forward. Thank you again for your support and patience.

Topics: Compensation, Human Resources

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