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To your mental health

Understanding the pillars of wellness.

By Richard Miccio

December 15, 2020

Wellness pillars graphicOver the past month, the Early Bird has published a series of articles addressing different aspects of mental health and ways we as staff and faculty members can support ourselves and/or our peers. As we look forward to 2021, the Metropolitan State University of Denver Human Resources team will expand on this series and introduce a series of articles examining the many interconnected factors that contribute to our overall well-being. 

Mental health is sometimes viewed as a stand-alone entity. We may have thoughts such as, “If I can just work on this constant worrying,” or, “If I could just not be so down all the time,” or, “I wish I could just focus/concentrate on my work.” Though addressing these things can improve functioning in certain areas of our lives, we may not be considering the whole picture.

In an effort to encourage a more holistic view of wellness – and to highlight the many factors that impact well-being – the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration promotes the Eight Dimensions of Wellness.

As you look at the eight dimensions, you’ll find that they are all interconnected. One may have a direct and/or indirect impact on another. As we look to maintain and/or improve our mental health and well-being, we have to be intentional about doing more of what is working, changing what isn’t working and incorporating new skills/strategies/practices in each of these categories.

In 2021, the Human Resources team will enlist campus experts and wellness champions to expand on these dimensions of wellness and provide valuable information, guidance and recommendations to promote the holistic well-being of our Roadrunner community.

Until next semester and over the winter holiday, rest, continue to practice self-care and check out these great tips from our previous article.

Graphic adapted from Swarbrick, M. (2006). A wellness approach. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 29(4), 311–314. Published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

Topics: Health, Mental Health

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