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Celebrate First-Gen Week in November

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend events from Nov. 2-6.

By Tisha Townsend

October 26, 2020

First-generation college student buttons.National First-Gen Celebration Week is a time for Metropolitan State University of Denver to celebrate our trailblazing students. First-generation students are not only the first in their families to earn a bachelor’s degree but are strong, powerful and resilient leaders. First-gen students are dedicated to pursuing their academic goals, and we are proud of all they have accomplished.

Join us this week in coming together as a first-gen community to celebrate our first-gen students. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend the following events:

First-Gen Game Time

Nov. 2

2-3:15 p.m.

Let’s Talk! Navigating Family Pressure:

Nov. 3

10-11 a.m.

First-gen students tend to deal with a lot of family pressure. This event will discuss how messages from families can impact students’ education decisions and help students learn how to navigate family pressures.

Let’s Talk! A Discussion and Panel on Coping With Impostor Syndrome

Nov. 4

11 a.m.-noon

Impostor Syndrome is a phenomenon that many first-gen students deal with. It is the overwhelming feeling of self-doubt despite the fact that they are capable, talented and intelligent. This panel discussion focuses on how to manage your impostor syndrome to find personal and academic success.

Career Prep Series: Employer Tips on Résumé Writing

Nov. 5

2:30-3:30 p.m.

Family Night With Hoan Do From “American Ninja Warrior

Nov. 6

6-7:30 p.m.

Some first-gen students are not sure how to include their families in their lives as college students. While families want to support their first-gen students, they sometimes just don’t know how. This conversation with Hoan Do, a first-gen student and “American Ninja Warrior” city finalist, focuses on how families can empower their first-gen students and learn to be more connected.

University partner programs include First-Generation Initiatives; TRIO Student Support Services; Orientation, Transition and Retention; Peer Mentoring; the Immigrant Services Program; the EPIC Scholars Program; and Admissions.

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