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Improve your work-from-home ergonomics

Chad Harris, Ph.D., chair, Department of Human Performance and Sport, shares helpful tips on musculoskeletal health, home workspace arrangements and more.

By Lindsey Coulter

October 14, 2020

A group of midlevel managers and specialists with the Metropolitan State University of Denver Administration Branch known as the Agents of Shield meets monthly to discuss relevant and helpful topics for the betterment of the group and the University as a whole. The group’s September meeting focused on MSU Denver employees workspace ergonomics given our remote work since March. 

At the request of the Agents of Shield, Chad Harris, Ph.D., chair, Department of Human Performance and Sport, visited the September meeting to share the presentation “Work From Home Ergonomics.” The presentation included useful information on musculoskeletal problems, improper home-workspace arrangements and helpful movements and exercises to improve and maintain health.

Harris noted that it is important to fit the workspace to the individual to reduce the risk of discomfort and possible injury. The presentation also aimed to help employees identify problem areas, learn about common musculoskeletal problems associated with inadequate workspaces and integrate movements and arrangements that can promote health and resiliency.

“The presentation was found to be so valuable and helpful that the Agents of Shield wanted to do it with the entire University community," said Kwang Cho, senior budget and financial analyst and Agents of Shield member.

To learn more about staying healthy and improving your home workspace, view the presentation below:

Topics: Health, Safety

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