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Take a quick campus-safety survey

Further opportunities to share recommendations for developing a more inclusive safety program will be offered throughout the semester.

By Andrea Smith

February 1, 2022

Auraria Library in background; emergency call box in foreground.The Auraria Higher Education Center, in partnership with leaders of each of the three campus institutions, is embarking on the development of an updated Auraria Community Influenced Campus Safety Program. To capture the voices and insights of students, faculty members and staff members in the development of recommendations for the new program, campus leaders want to engage all campus constituents in broad, robust conversations that will help inform the program and infrastructure.

To provide feedback on public and personal safety on campus, please complete this survey.

Additionally, multiple opportunities to provide your perspective and recommendations on developing a more inclusive campus-safety program will be offered through a variety of platforms throughout the semester. The first of these is an opportunity to hear directly from the initiative’s leader, strategy expert Lisa Neal-Graves.

To invite Neal-Graves to speak to your committee, student group, class or team about building a more inclusive campus-safety program, contact or 720-437-9958.

Watch the Early Bird for more information and opportunities to engage in this process.

Topics: AHEC, Safety, Tri-institutional

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