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MSU Denver faculty in the media

Members share their expertise with the community.

By Tim Carroll

January 11, 2022

Lynn Hoffman, Ph.D.The MSU Denver faculty brain trust reaches almost every point along the academic spectrum, and we are always proud to see Roadrunners sharing their knowledge. Each month, the Early Bird highlights a few faculty members who have served as subject-matter experts on timely news topics, providing dynamic perspectives on critical issues.

Here’s a sampling from December:

Lynn Hoffman, Ph.D., professor of Management, interviewed with Denver7 about the City of Aurora’s plan to give bonuses to police officers in an effort to keep personnel from leaving and how money isn’t always a core motivating factor for job retention. 

Rebecca Trammel, Ph.D., associate dean of the College of Health and Applied Sciences, interviewed with Scripps National about businesses that are helping formerly incarcerated people get jobs and how this can help prevent people on parole from returning to prison.

Tyler Bachelder, M.S., associate professor of Aviation and Aerospace Science, interviewed with CBS4 about a high-wind advisory that caused flight delays in Denver and the challenges that pilots face with windy conditions.

Kelly Evans, Ph.D., assistant professor of Sports Management, interviewed with 9News about the Denver Broncos being awarded an International Home Market Area in Mexico and how this will strengthen marketing opportunities within the Colorado Hispanic population and in Mexico.

Randi Smith, Ph.D., professor of Psychology, interviewed with KGNU radio about workplace burnout, its impact on the economy and five steps to staying positive (interview at 46:30).

For a full list of faculty members featured as experts in the media, visit MSU Denver in the News.

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