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A delicious way to support students

Alternative Break Program partners with local restaurant Birdcall for a simple, tasty fundraising opportunity.

By Victor Lemus

September 13, 2021

Students participating in Alternative Break Program.On Tuesday, Metropolitan State University of Denver faculty and staff members can help Alternative Break Program students reach their destination by dining with local restaurant Birdcall

Simply order online or in person and enter the promo code below before paying. At the end of the day, Birdcall will donate 35% of total sales using the promo code to the Alternative Break Program.  

  • Promo code: MSU  
  • Date: 14
  • Location:Birdcall (all locations)

The ABP is a program of the Classroom to Career Hub Scholarship Support and Retention Office. Through community service, the program aims to transform students into advocates for social change on issues affecting their communities. The ABP provides students with experiential learning, group discussion and personal reflection on trips that allow them to gain a deeper insight into social issues. These life-changing opportunities support community growth and personal development while helping students develop real-life skills and teaching them the importance of giving back. 

Next spring and summer break, site leaders will visit Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona), the Cheyenne River Youth Project (South Dakota), La Puente (Colorado) and Best Friends Sanctuary (Utah).

Topics: Classroom to Career Hub, Events, Funding, Student Success

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