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How to report positive Covid-19 cases

Find more information on protocols for informing campus health officials and managing cases on campus.

By Steve Monaco and Ruben Zorrilla, M.D.

August 18, 2021

COVID-19 testing sign with arrow.As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, it is important for faculty and staff members to be aware of how the Health Center at Auraria responds to positive Covid-19 cases.

Students and all members of faculty and staff are to inform the health center if they receive a positive Covid-19 lab result, regardless of where the test was performed and whether they were physically present on campus. Call the Health Center at Auraria at 303-615-9999 to report all positive cases. If an employee receives a positive Covid-19 lab result, they should also notify their supervisor immediately.   

Additionally, new FAQs have been developed to help members of the campus community understand important Covid-19 guidance and health protocols. Employees and students can find answers to questions such as:

  • When a positive case of Covid-19 is reported to the Health Center at Auraria, what process ensues to determine the risk level to others?
  • If a supervisor or member of faculty or staff is informed that a student or co-worker in their department has tested positive for Covid-19, what should they do?
  • What factors determine if exposure risk is classified as low or high?
  • What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?
  • Does the health center offer “asymptomatic testing” (testing individuals who do not have any symptoms of Covid-19)?
  • Does the health center provide campus-clearance letters for individuals who have tested positive for Covid-19?

Due to the changing nature of Covid-19 guidance and the development of new medical insights, it is essential that specific questions regarding Covid-19 exposure and symptoms be directed to the Health Center at Auraria at 303-615-9999.

Please also refer students struggling with the impact of Covid-19 to the Student Care Center (303-615-0006) for support. Case managers can assist students with referrals to resources on and off campus, understanding applicable policies and related assistance.

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