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New name for Grant and Contract Accounting Department

Now called Sponsored Projects Accounting and Compliance, the team will continue to offer the same great service and expertise.

By Charli Pringle-North

June 30, 2021

Close up of a woman signing a set of documents.Sponsored Projects Accounting and Compliance, formerly known as Grant and Contract Accounting, is a department within the Office of the Controller. SPAC supports the campus through fiscal management and compliance with sponsored awards. With services such as financial-system and purchasing training, budget and compliance reviews, and support in submitting financial reports, SPAC works collectively with campus partners such as program directors, principal investigators and grant support staff to provide a comprehensive financial picture of their awards.

SPAC is here to provide guidance and expertise to ensure a foundation of financial health while safeguarding all assets through integrity, transparency and fiscal guidance. SPAC serves in a support capacity in much the same way as the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs but has a different role and mission. The OSRP reports to the Office of the Provost, is Metropolitan State University of Denver’s resource for all proposal-development and pre-award items and works collectively with the campus to secure awards. SPAC reports to the vice president of Administration, Finance and Facilities and specializes in collaborative post-award financial management and oversight. 

The U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services are among the largest of the University’s grantors, and with almost $1 billion in active grant and total federal stimulus awards, SPAC is prepared to support your award no matter how big or small.

The SPAC team will resume hosting monthly hot-topic discussions and open Q&A forums in fiscal 2022, where principal investigators, administrative staff and anyone interested can learn more about specific award topics. To learn more about the hot-topic discussions or about the SPAC team, please email

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