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Staff Senate election results

Congratulations to new and returning leaders.

By Lindsey Coulter

June 29, 2021

Aerial view of Auraria Campus Congratulations to the following staff members elected to the Staff Senate. Maggie Thulson will continue serving as vice president, and Diane Yee will continue as treasurer.

Thank you to all staff members who participated in the nomination and voting processes.

For more information on the Staff Senate, please visit:

President: Rebecca Reid, senior program manager, Learning and Development

Secretary: Brandi Rideout, director, Alumni Relations

Academic Affairs: Erica Buckland Anderson, director of Curriculum and Catalog

Administration, Finance and Facilities: Evan Bowles, senior business analyst, Information Technology Services

Advancement: Lynne Winter, assistant director of Advancement Communications

College of Business: Donelyn Jones, marketing advisor and affiliate faculty

College of Health and Applied Sciences: Lara Bruce, project director, Colorado Child Welfare Scholars Consortium

President, Strategy, Athletics: Emalie Whan-Traylor, marketing manager, Strategy, Marketing and Communications

School of Education: Brian Gunther, technical-process and communications manager

School of Hospitality: Jimi Webb, career advisor and business-development coordinator

Student Affairs: Angie Moreno, assessment and evaluation manager

At-large senators:

  • Miguel Huerta, case manager and EPIC Scholars coordinator
  • Sheriff Rasheed, accessibility coordinator, Access Center
  • Angela Rodriguez, academic advisor and retention specialist, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
  • Bridget Wetzel, online student-services manager, Online Learning
  • Jeremy VanHooser, diversity coordinator, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • X (Antwaun D. Johnson), student employee
  • Carolena Diaz, collections advisor, Office of the Bursar
  • Kyle Garrity, fiscal manager and executive assistant to the dean, School of Hospitality
  • Lisa Lanford, office manager, Academic Affairs
  • Becky Cottrell, Ph.D., online and hybrid development analyst, Social Work
  • Kami Phillips, office manager and assistant to the dean, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
  • Mike McCabe, tuition and fees appeal and Perkins Loan manager, Office of the Bursar

Topics: CADRE, Inclusive leadership, Staff Senate

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