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Canvas Spotlight

Convert paper tests to Canvas Quizzes.

By Chelsea Dyer, Nicholas Ogg and Alex McDaniel

June 29, 2021

Many instructors new to teaching online count on the assessments traditionally used in a face-to-face course. That could mean uploading or sending tests as Word documents or PDFs to students. Students would then need to download that document, complete the assessment and then reupload it with their answers, which the instructor would then need to manually grade.

However, Canvas’ Quiz feature can help instructors re-create paper tests right in Canvas. Some quiz question types, such as multiple choice or true/false, can also be graded automatically by Canvas, reducing an instructor’s time spent grading. Not to mention that re-creating Word documents or PDF tests as quizzes in Canvas can help protect the integrity of assessments since students will not be able to download a copy and the instructor can set time limits, add accommodations for certain students and use free proctoring strategies that can dissuade academic dishonesty.

Best practices

  • Instead of providing document or PDF versions of tests, create new versions of assessments with Canvas Quizzes.
  • Adjust settings by adding time limits, limiting the number of attempts and randomizing questions to reduce opportunities for academic dishonesty.
  • Use question types that Canvas can grade automatically unless assessments call for question types that need to be manually graded, such as short-answer or essay questions.
  • Consider preventing backtracking through test questions to reduce opportunities for academic dishonesty.

Let’s walk through it together

For complete written step-by-step instructions, head over to the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design Ready Spotlight page.

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