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Latest on Covid-19 and campus operations

COO Larry Sampler provides details on vaccine verification and exemption and wellness updates.

By Larry Sampler, chief operating officer

June 17, 2021

Dear Roadrunners,

As Metropolitan State University of Denver approaches our July 6 return-to-campus date, I and other senior leaders continue to do as much as possible to ensure a safe and seamless transition back to on-campus life for all Roadrunners. I, along with Provost Alfred Tatum, Ph.D., and Ed Brown, chief of staff to President Janine Davidson, Ph.D., look forward to walking the campus that week and meeting and visiting with folks as they return. For Alfred and Ed, this will be part of their “get acquainted tour” as they experience a post-Covid campus. We hope that if you plan to be on campus that week and hear of our visit, you’ll be available when we come to your building to say “hello!” and tell us what’s on your mind.

We also understand that many faculty and staff members in particular still have questions, and we are doing our best to keep communication open and information current. In addition to my weekly articles and the Safe Return to Campus website, the videos below will offer more information on two important topics. Please continue to watch the Early Bird for more timely updates.

Your questions about alternative work arrangements answered

Roadrunner Safe Return: Your questions about alternative work arrangements answered from MSU Denver on Vimeo.


Your questions about the vaccine-verification and -exemption process answered

Roadrunner Safe Return: Your questions about the vaccine verification and exemption process from MSU Denver on Vimeo.

Vaccination-verification survey results

Members of faculty and staff, as well as students and prospective students, continue to complete the vaccination-verification survey at a reassuringly high rate. According to the results of recent vaccination-verification surveys distributed to faculty and staff as well as registered students and nonregistered students:

  • Registered students (45% response rate):
    • 82.5% of respondents are fully or partially vaccinated
    • Another 3.5% intend to be vaccinated by fall
  • Unregistered students (1.8% response rate):
    • 79% partially or fully vaccinated
    • Another 5.8% intend to be vaccinated by fall
  • Employees (63% response rate):
    • 95.7% fully or partially vaccinated

Thank you to all members of our University community who have completed their survey. Please continue to encourage your colleagues and students to submit their information as soon as possible to aid in the University’s planning and decision-making for the fall semester.


The Roadrunners Safe Return Wellness Committee continues to focus on the health and overall well-being of our students, faculty and staff from the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, occupational, financial, environmental and physical perspectives. The committee has developed a new online Wellness Dashboard that will highlight events, resources and on-campus areas for reflection, prayer and meditation. Roadrunners are invited to submit wellness-related events, resources and information for inclusion on the site.

RTD Pass reminder

To help with the return to campus, MSU Denver will cover the cost of the Regional Transportation District EcoPass for faculty and staff members for fall (July 1 to Dec. 31). Faculty and professional and classified staff members can get the pass from Auraria Higher Education Center Parking and Transportation Services in the 7th Street Garage beginning the week of June 28.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about our Safe Return to Campus, please reach out through this form or via email at


Larry Sampler

Vice president for Administration, Finance and Facilities and chief operating officer

Topics: Administration, Health, Health Center at Auraria, Safety

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