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Arrivals and departures

Welcome to new faculty and staff; farewell to those moving on to new opportunities.

By Josie Lavender

June 16, 2021

Rowdy waving in front of the JSSB.Metropolitan State University of Denver’s May hires:

Shane Borah, compliance and prevention coordinator, Student Life Office

Leah Butler, academic advisor and retention specialist, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Sarah Cloutier, desktop systems engineer, Client Services

Lacey Fiedler, accounts-payable specialist, Office of the Controller

Paul Forrest, men’s basketball second assistant coach, Athletics

Tim Hadfield, assistant network architect, Infrastructure Services

Jordan A. Hamilton Jr., software developer, Application Services

Heaven Leigh Irwin, customer-service manager, Registrar’s Office

Eric Mason, interim vice president, Strategy, Marketing and Communications

Katherine Mertz, women’s soccer head coach, Athletics

Andrea Nicole Putman, office administrator, Center for Teaching, Learning and Design

Elizabeth Schlie, systems accountant, Office of the Controller

Jang Mee Son, exploratory advisor, Student Success Program

William West, medical assistant, Student Health Center

Mateo Candelaria, academic advisor, College of Health and Applied Sciences

Susan Sciacca, academic advisor, College of Health and Applied Sciences

Sally Simmons, academic advisor, College of Health and Applied Sciences

Maddie Wright, academic advisor, School of Hospitality

Thomas Hernandez, interim executive director, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Alfonzo Porter, interim associate director, Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion and advisor for Met Media

MSU Denver’s May departures:

Karen Becker, nursing-program specialist, Nursing

Kevin Buchholz, photo-lab manager, Art

Cree Dannielle Chavez, office assistant, College of Professional Studies

Maria Fontana, accessibility coordinator, Access Center

Daniela Garcia, interim program coordinator, Center for Urban Education

Samantha Hollis, office manager, Office of the President

Malinda Jones, Ed.D., associate professor, Early Childhood Education

Laura K. Love, associate professor, Theatre

Carla Mirabelli, director, Center for Urban Education

Yvonne Olson-Sage, diagnostic-procedure technologist II, Student Health Center

James Reyes, third-party billing specialist, Student Accounts and Office of the Bursar

John L. Schultz, Ph.D., senior lecturer, Anthropology

Christina Shimrock, lecturer, Alternative Licensure Program

Gerald A. Shultz, Ph.D., professor, Computer Sciences

Gregory Singer, academic advisor and retention specialist, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Erick Erickson, Ph.D., professor, Economics

Whitney Traylor, J.D., associate professor, Management

Jasmine Mo, international-admissions coordinator, Admissions

Kathryn Williams, lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics

Sarah Harman, executive director, Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis

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