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Faculty Citings

An overview of MSU Denver faculty’s recent publications and presentations.

By Josie Lavender

May 19, 2021

Student reading in libraryMetropolitan State University of Denver faculty members publish research in some of the world’s most prestigious academic journals and share their knowledge at conferences across the globe.

Here’s an overview of their recent work:

Mark Koester, Ph.D., associate professor, Mathematics

Tayná Camargo, alumna, Mathematics

Conference session

“Using Infinity to Teach Grade-Level Standards for Conceptual Understanding”

Presented at the virtual National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference on May 1.

Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Ph.D., professor, English, director of the Writing Center

Sohui Lee, Ph.D., associate professor and faculty director

Writing & Multiliteracy Center, California State University Channel Islands

Julie Prebel, Ph.D., associate professor, American Studies and Writing & Rhetoric; director of Writing Center & Programs, Occidental College


“Whose Voices Are Heard?: A Demographic Comparison of Authors Published in WLN 2005-2017 and Writers Interested in Publishing”

Writing Lab Newspaper: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship, 45 (7-8) March/April, 11-17.

Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Ph.D., associate professor, English, director of the Writing Center


“Undergraduate Research and Labor Practices in Writing Studies”

Published in “The Naylor Report on Undergraduate Research in Writing Studies”

Paul Murphy, affiliate faculty, Health Professions


“Virtual Care/TeleHealth Operations – Don’t Do This…”

Published in “Health Care Business Today” March 28.

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