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End-of-day unused Covid-19 vaccine on-campus request list

Contingent on the number of extra doses available, individuals will be texted in the order they submit their name and cellphone number.

By Steve Monaco, director, Health Center at Auraria

April 2, 2021

A close up of a nurse's gloved hand holding a Covid-19 vaccine syringe.Covid-19 vaccine clinics hosted on the Auraria Campus in partnership with COVIDCheck Colorado are typically held once per week. The day of each clinic can vary from week to week. At the end of each vaccine clinic, there is potential for unused vaccine that needs to be used in a timely manner. Typically, there are as many as six extra doses remaining at the end of each clinic.

There is an on-campus vaccine clinic happening today. If you would like to submit your name and cellphone number to receive a text message if vaccine becomes available at the end of today’s clinic, please do so immediately. Simply click the link below to email your name and cell number. Unused extra doses are reserved for those who haven’t yet received a Covid-19 vaccine; it’s not a mechanism to receive a second dose earlier than already scheduled.

Contingent on the number of extra doses available, individuals will be texted in the order they submit their name and cellphone number. The number of individuals called will vary according to the number of extra vaccine doses available at each of the clinics.

Please note that the hours each vaccine clinic operates vary from week to week according to the amount of vaccine available, but generally the clinic should be open fro 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Thus, the times when calls will be made to people who wish to receive unused vaccine will vary accordingly, but typically this should occur during the clinic’s last hour.

At the end of each clinic, the unused-vaccine request list will be deleted. This same email will be sent every day there is a scheduled vaccine clinic on campus, and a new unused-vaccine request list will be created for that day’s clinic.  


  1. Individuals must be on campus the day of the vaccine clinic.
  2. Individuals must be able to get to the 5th Street garage location within 15 minutes.
  3. Each individual must be an Auraria Campus faculty member, staff member or student.
  4. Those selected to receive one of the extra vaccine doses will receive a text message that must be responded to within five minutes. After five minutes, each text invitation will become void and text messages will be sent to others who submitted requests.
  5. Since there are few extra doses at the end of the day, the likelihood of being texted to receive unused vaccine is limited.
  6. Each person selected to receive unused end-of-day vaccine should bring a picture ID, plan to register upon arrival and inform the staff on site that you were selected to receive one of the unused vaccines.

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