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Attend the Enrollment Command Center Data Series presentation

Thursday’s event will focus on higher-education enrollment trends across the state.

By Mark Baccei, Ph.D., research analyst, Enrollment Management

April 12, 2021

Students walking to and from the JSSB.Over the semester, the Enrollment Command Center Data Series has explored how Metropolitan State University of Denver and our students have been impacted by and responded to the Covid-19 pandemic. The next ECC presentation will turn the focus from our institution to the state at large.

Given MSU Denver’s large transfer- and resident-student populations, gaining an understanding of the larger enrollment trends is critical. Join the ECC team as we cover key points from the Office of Enrollment Management’s analysis of Colorado higher-education enrollments and trends from across the state’s public institutions, including enrollments of MSU Denver’s top transfer feeder institutions and our in-state peers. Identifying trends of peer and feeder institutions will help inform and prepare MSU Denver for future enrollment cycles as well as inform practices for recruiting and retaining our future Roadrunners.

Colorado Higher Education Enrollment Trends


1:30-2:30 p.m.

Join via MS Teams

Topics: Enrollment, Events, Student Enrollment Management

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