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Calling Campaigns: the growth of cross-campus collaboration

Attend the next Enrollment Command Center Data Series event March 16.

By Mark Baccei, Ph.D.

March 9, 2021

Student working in the MSU Denver Call Center.Over the past several years, we have become accustomed to a new Roadrunner “tradition”: the calling campaign. The midsummer, pre-spring enrollment push helps (or reminds) students to register for the upcoming term.

The campaigns involve staff members, student employees, administrators and faculty members from across the campus working to contact unregistered students. The outreach is a major effort and represents one of the largest cross-campus retention efforts Metropolitan State University of Denver has in place.

The Office of Enrollment Management has helped coordinate these efforts, and in the March edition of the Enrollment Command Center Data Series we will walk through a recent analysis of the efforts. The analysis used several lenses. The first was a program review of the evolution of structure, technology used and data sources. The second was a quantitative analysis of student registration and outreach outcomes. Finally, a qualitative review of comments/notes was entered within SSC Navigate by advisors, faculty, staff, student employees and all those performing the outreach.

The presentation will be a joint effort between the Office of Enrollment Management and Advising Systems. Each area has worked together to improve the efforts, better leverage campus resources (staff and technology) and conduct the programmatic assessment.

The multipronged approach resulted in some interesting highlights:

  • The campaigns have shown a marked evolution of structure.
  • Insights into campaign data (student data utilized and data collected).
  • Thematic insights into students’ decision-making process.
  • The critical nature of technology in cross-campus initiatives.

Join us via Teams to learn more about the student-registration and cross-campus retention efforts at the next ECC Data Series.

Enrollment Command Center Data Series

Calling Campaigns: the growth of cross-campus collaboration

March 16

2-3 p.m.

Tune in via Teams

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