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Congrats to our Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week winners

These exceptional faculty, staff and student employees are shining examples of dedication, innovation and excellence.

By Matt Watson

December 2, 2021

Nominations continue to roll in for Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week awards, highlighting the excellent and important work happening at all levels of the University. This week, we celebrate three members of our University community who inspire students and their colleagues.

“It’s inspiring to see our CADRE values at work within all levels of the University,” said Provost Alfred W. Tatum, Ph.D., executive vice president of Academic and Student Affairs. “These Roadrunners consistently deliver excellence and are well-deserving of this week’s spotlight.” 

Rachel Sinley, Ph.D.Faculty winner – Rachel Sinley, Ph.D., associate professor and chair, Nutrition

Nominated by Shaun Schafer, Ph.D., associate vice president for Curriculum and Policy Development, who wrote:

“Rachel Sinley does an excellent job of negotiating an expansive Nutrition Department. She juggles an undergraduate program, a graduate program and a 3+2 program with aplomb. She has encouraged the spirit of collegiality in her department and continually works to diversify the field of nutrition. She’s a great chair and an asset to the University.”

Also nominated by Tatum, who wrote:

“(Rachel’s) contribution to establishing a Nutrition program at MSU Denver that serves as a model for other programs deserves recognition. Her leadership, vision and advocacy for her colleagues is simply remarkable.”

Rachel, your ability to multitask is impressive, but the quality of care and attention to detail you invest in every task is inspirational. Thank you for your leadership. 

Lindsey CoulterStaff winner – Lindsey Coulter, internal communications manager

Nominated by Andrea Smith, associate vice president of Strategic Communications, who wrote:

“Lindsey works quietly behind the scenes to coordinate a constant whirlwind of news and information on a daily basis. She is an expert writer, and her ability to solidify and clearly articulate complex information into a digestible form is truly second to none. Lindsey’s helpful persistence keeps us all on task, and her positive attitude radiates the Roadrunner spirit. Thank you for all you do to keep us all informed and inspired!”

Also nominated by Josie Lavender, editorial assistant and student in University Communications and Marketing, who wrote:

“Lindsey is one of the best supervisors I’ve ever had. I joined University Communications and Marketing a little over a year ago, and in that time Lindsey has not only coached me on how to be a better writer, but she’s also demonstrated how to be an effective leader and advocate. Time and time again, Lindsey has gone out of her way to loop me into key conversations and provided training opportunities, all while juggling her own busy schedule. I am eternally grateful for her mentorship and camaraderie.”

Additionally nominated by Marcus Chamberland, freelance copy editor for University Communications and Marketing, who wrote:

“As a freelance copy editor, I work with Lindsey daily. I’m continually astounded by her energy – she consistently comes up with story ideas, pulls relevant photos and loads everything in the Early Bird into the publishing platform so that the Bird literally hits everyone’s mailbox like clockwork at 6 every weekday morning. But those seem almost like ancillary tasks compared with her prolific reporting output. Not only does she compile an impressive number of bylines, but she writes a ton of ‘housekeeping’ pieces for which she doesn’t even take credit. Moreover, she’s a wonderful human being and co-worker – hardworking, ultra-smart, good-hearted and friendly.”

Lindsey, it’s no wonder all your co-workers wanted to chime in with praise in nominating you. You are such an asset to the Roadrunner community, and your hard work is deeply appreciated.

Jasmyne EndlyStudent-employee winner – Jasmyne Endly, in-person events lead, Peer Mentoring Office

Nominated by Cassie Langton, social-media lead and student in the Peer Mentoring Office, who wrote:

“Jasmyne is someone who will always go above and beyond the work she has to do in order to make everything work smoothly, efficiently and the way it should. She always gives her all for every event she is planning, and she doesn’t let the hiccups that come with planning events set her back or discourage her.”

Jasmyne, your professionalism and determination are sure to take you far in life. We are lucky to have a Roadrunner like you on the team! (Since we couldn't find a photo of you, here is one of Rowdy celebrating your achievement!)

To nominate outstanding employees for the Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week award, please complete the form on the Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week webpage. Tell us how your nominee is making an impact through great teaching, service to students or innovation. Winners will be selected each week and profiled in the Early Bird on Thursdays. Winners will also get a shoutout on social media.

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