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Get support in academic-integrity conversations

Dean of Students Office can help address and resolve suspected cheating or plagiarism incidents.

By Elise Krumholz

December 1, 2021

Close up of hands on a laptop keyboard nearby a notebook and pen.Do you need help preparing for an individual or class conversation about academic integrity?

As addressing issues of academic integrity can be difficult and stressful, the Dean of Students Office Academic Misconduct website offers helpful resources for discussing and preventing academic-integrity problems in the classroom.

Visit the website to find:

  • Definitions of academic-integrity standards.
  • An overview of the academic-misconduct process.
  • FAQs for faculty and staff, including tips on how to have difficult conversations with students about plagiarism and cheating.
  • FAQs for students if they are referred to the Dean of Students Office for academic misconduct.
  • Videos and other resources that explain how to ground your students in academic-integrity standards and to inform about the academic-misconduct process.

About the academic-misconduct process:

When a faculty member determines that a student is responsible for cheating or plagiarism, the Dean of Students Office supports all parties through the following steps:

  1. The faculty member refers the student to the Dean of Students Office through the Academic Misconduct Incident Report
  2. The Dean of Students Office then contacts the student to schedule a meeting to discuss the academic-misconduct process, what happened and academic-integrity standards.
  3. The Dean of Students Office, with the student and faculty member, determines the best course of action. Resolutions can include referrals to the Writing Center, the Tutoring Center or the Immigrant Services Program, writing a reflection paper or other options that help the student progress successfully.

Please contact the Dean of Students Office with any questions or for additional information or guidance at 303-615-0220.

Please also refer students to the resources available to them to support their academic journey and goals.

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