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Celebrate sustainably

Have a happy, eco-friendly holiday with these simple tips.

By Sharon Lorince

November 30, 2021

Recycle, garbage and composting bins.The Metropolitan State University of Denver Facilities Department encourages Roadrunners to make sustainable choices this holiday season. More waste is generated during the holidays than throughout the rest of the year, so anything Roadrunners can do to minimize waste is appreciated.

As employees and students prepare for upcoming celebrations and festivities at home and on campus, here are a few eco-friendly tips that will reduce waste and help maintain campus facilities:

  • Compost your food waste in the composting bins in common areas around campus.
  • Be friendly to walls and surfaces by using tapes and adhesive materials that don’t cause damage or leave residue upon removal (i.e., painters’ tape or Command-style strips).
  • To avoid damage to ceiling tiles, light fixtures and sprinkler heads, do not attach anything to the ceiling.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink the materials you use to decorate.
  • When you depart campus for the extended break, save energy and costs by shutting off all equipment that does not need to be running.

Thank you for your consistent efforts to make MSU Denver greener and cleaner!

Topics: Health, Sustainability

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