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Celebrate MSU Denver transfer students

Join the University in recognizing and bringing awareness to these unique students.

By Tiffani Baldwin, Ph.D.

October 13, 2021

Transfer Peer Mentors team photo.Next week is National Transfer Student Week 2021, which celebrates transfer students and the professionals who support them on their journeys. Today’s students transfer more than ever before, and more than half of Metropolitan State University of Denver’s student population are transfers. As such, it is vital to build awareness of common transfer barriers and the diverse student needs and identities within our transfer population. It’s also important to challenge assumptions, build empathy and instill transfer pride on campus.

Here are some ways to help:

  • Recognize that transfer students are inherently different from first-time-to-college students.
  • Transfer students’ time at their new institution is truncated, so they need to establish connections and build relationships immediately.
  • Two of transfer students’ biggest concerns are: how do my transfer credits apply to my degree/how long will it take me to graduate? And how much is it going to cost? Being able to quickly connect students with advisors who can answer these questions is critical.
  • Give the gift of listening. Often, just being heard and validated goes a long way for our transfer students.
  • Take time and treat transfer students as individuals. By nature of being a transfer, each student has a different previous college experience. As such, they often have unique and complex situations that need more time to sort through.
  • Think about creating two sets of communication in your area(s) – one for first-time-to-college students and one for transfer students. Different policies impact these students differently.
  • Know that transfer shock is real. Students may experience a dip in GPA or struggle to acclimate in their first semester or year at a new school.
  • Let transfer students know about Transfer Peer Mentors, who help transfer students build community and create a solid foundation for success at MSU Denver.

Next week, celebrate this amazing group of talented and resilient students during National Transfer Student Week. Transfer Peer Mentors will host events designed to support transfer students and build community. Check out the Transfer Peer Mentors website for the schedule of events.

Please reach out to Megan Dempsey or Tiffani Baldwin, Ph.D., for more information.


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