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The University’s Annual Security Report for 2020 is now available

The report is required by federal law and contains policy statements and crime statistics for Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Auraria Campus.

By Shane Borah

October 1, 2021

The Annual Security Report ( is required by a federal law, commonly referred to as the Clery Act, and contains policy statements and crime statistics for Metropolitan State University of Denver. The policy statements address Metropolitan State University of Denver’s policies, procedures, and programs concerning safety and security as well as policies for responding to emergency situations and sexual misconduct. The report also contains statistics about certain types of crimes that were reported to have occurred on campus, in or on off-campus buildings, property owned or controlled by the school and on public property within or immediately adjacent to the campus for the past three years.

This report is prepared by the Compliance and Prevention Coordinator in the Dean of Students Office of MSU Denver in cooperation with the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC), Auraria Campus Police Department (ACPD), and local law enforcement agencies surrounding the Auraria Campus and extended campus locations. The Dean of Students Office annually reviews the policies outlined in this report with relevant campus departments such as the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) and General Counsel. The Dean of Students Office reviews statistics of crimes reported to the institution and requests the same information from the ACPD and relevant local law agencies to compile the statistics listed. The report describes security practices and procedures at the Auraria Higher Education Center and property controlled by MSU Denver and lists crime statistics for the most recent calendar year and the two preceding calendar years.

The Auraria Higher Education Center serves three institutions: Community College of Denver, MSU Denver and the University of Colorado Denver. Since 1992, each of these institutions has been required to report each year on the status of campus security to all current students and employees. MSU Denver is committed to ensuring that all employees work in an environment that is safe and conducive to success. The report is made available to all prospective students and their families as well as to all prospective employees. A hard copy of the full report is also available from the Dean of Students Office in the Tivoli Building, Suite 343.

For additional information on safety and crime on campus as well as MSU Denver’s response and prevention efforts please visit Here’s to a safe and successful year!

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