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Two revised policies up for review

Intellectual Property and Amorous Relationships rules are available.

By Megan Jones

December 10, 2019

MSU Denver sign against fall leaves and blue sky.

At Metropolitan State University of Denver, students, faculty, staff and community partners review new and revised University policies for consistency with the University’s mission, values, policies and goals. 

Please share your feedback on the following Universitywide policies by Jan. 15 by visiting and clicking “Comment on a Policy.”

Proposed policies for MSU Denver review

Intellectual Property Policy (revision)

Sponsored by the Faculty Senate, this revision grants additional copyrights to faculty over scholarly and academic works, including online courses and materials. The proposed policy establishes a revenue-sharing structure between the University and the creator(s) for inventions and discoveries. Guidance regarding employee and student property rights to computer works, code, data, research results and administrative works were included.

Amorous Relationships Policy (revision)

MSU Denver’s current policy prohibits amorous relationships between employees and students. The proposed revision requires employees to disclose and resolve conflicts of interest when engaged in romantic relationships with students or employees whom they supervise.

If you have questions on the proposed policies or University policy development, please contact Happy holidays!

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