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New SGA president champions inclusion

Danielle Holmes’ campaign slogan “Let’s Progress Together” reflects her desire to foster community.

By Siet Wright

August 5, 2019

Danielle HolmesOn June 7, Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Student Government Assembly swore in President-Elect Danielle Holmes. Holmes’ campaign slogan of “Let’s Progress Together” reflects her desire to build an inclusive campus community. One of her greatest challenges, however, will be weaving all of the Auraria Campus communities into one.

As a nontraditional, first-generation student, Holmes feels up for the challenge because she knows she is representative of most MSU Denver students. “Our University is diverse because the students are so different. These differences are not weaknesses but strengths, and I want to help support that gift,” Holmes said.

During her term, Holmes aims to foster strong relationships and an atmosphere of inclusion on campus – and to embrace the University’s diversity to build unity. She hopes that by sharing individual experiences, members of the campus community can discover common ground.

One thing Holmes would like to institute is a suggestion-box button on the Student Hub to help students reach out to the SGA about the issues that affect them – issues that they may not even be aware are on the table. The idea is to ensure that all student voices are heard and that the SGA is better attuned to and serving the student community. Holmes also hopes to create an annual Unity Week, an inclusive, multicultural event that would highlight the many opportunities awaiting students at MSU Denver.

When asked why she’s invested in MSU Denver, Holmes said, “Diversity, affordability, scholarship assistance, the vibes, job opportunities. There is so much opportunity on this campus – and so much to love.”

Topics: Community, Inclusive leadership

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