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New online major/minor to debut this fall

MSU Denver’s major and minor in Human Development and Family Studies span the entire birth-to-death spectrum.

By Lindsey Coulter

July 23, 2019

Woman sitting on bench working on laptop, Denver cityscape in background.

Metropolitan State University of Denver’s new Human Development and Family Studies program is proof that hard work to develop high-quality, 100% online programs is paying off. The HDFS program, already available in person, debuts an online major and minor this fall.  

Housed within the Department of Psychological Sciences, the interdisciplinary HDFS program covers the complete human development experience from birth to death. It combines courses from the Departments of Psychology, Social Work, Communication and Nutrition and other disciplines. Students learn about biological, cognitive and emotional growth; health interventions; age-related challenges; and how to ensure that individuals can thrive at all points in their lives — even against a backdrop of adversity and challenge.

“Students take a common core of developmental courses that lay a foundation of age-normative milestones in the lives of infants, children, adolescents and early adults,” said Lisa Hagan, Ph.D., professor, Psychological Studies. “The students can then create an area of developmental specialty by choosing courses that either home in on a stage of development and/or an area of interest.”

Development stages can include infancy, childhood, adolescence or gerontology, while areas of interest allow students to focus on topics such as at-risk children, working with families, influence on cultural development, etc.

Equipping students with a thorough understanding of human development gives them a wide range of post-degree career paths. Graduates often translate their education into work in human services, health professions, education, social work or counseling, as well as postgraduate studies. The minor is a great complement to any career involving children or families.

“If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable and fully online major or minor that will give you both the knowledge and the applied skills in working with children and families, Human Development and Family Studies is perfect,” said Lisa Badanes, Ph.D., associate professor, Psychological Sciences.

The HDFS program is one of eight online programs now offered by MSU Denver — and one of 42 that fit within a 100% online or hybrid-online model. The program bears the important Quality Matters Program Design Certification, guaranteeing that it provides a seamless, immersive learning experience for students.

To learn more about the HDFS major and minor programs, please visit the program’s new webpage.

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