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The No. 1 question to ask students

A mini-grassroots campaign from Student Affairs seeks to connect with Roadrunners – and retain them.

By Lindsey Coulter

April 24, 2019

Students in desks listening to lectureBefore your students and/or student employees leave for the summer, don’t forget to ask them the big question: “Are you enrolled for fall?” These five little words could make a significant impact on encouraging students to return for the 2019-20 academic year or help them connect with valuable retention resources.

Spearheaded by Student Affairs, the “Enrolled for Fall?” effort is a mini-grassroots campaign designed to increase student retention through simple conversation. If you work with students in any capacity, before the end of term strike up a conversation about their fall plans and specifically ask if they have enrolled for the fall semester. It’s an easy, organic question to roll into any conversation and serves as a gentle reminder and source of encouragement for students. It also has the added benefit of engaging students, showing interest in their future and creating a sense of belonging. 

As faculty and staff may receive a broad range of responses to the question, here are some helpful response tips.

If the student is graduating

This is a great opportunity to congratulate them. Remind them that cap-and-gown pickup is May 7-8 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in St. Cajetan’s.

If the student has enrolled

“Good job! See you in the fall. Remember to pick up your books at the Tivoli Station – they even have a $500 charge program now! Just ask the bookstore representative to charge your books to your student account."

If the student hasn’t enrolled

It would be great to understand why, so we connect them with potentially helpful resources.

  • Registration, hold and transcript issues can be referred to the Registrar’s Office at 303-556-3991 or email at
  • Transfer-student-related questions can go to Admissions at 303-556-3774 or
  • Concerns about degree progress and availability of classes:
  • Financial Aid or scholarship issues can be referred to Financial Aid at 303-556-8593 or email
  • Balance due or payment plans can be referred to the Bursar/Cashier at 303-615-0070 or email
  • If the student is struggling in a current class, they can contact the Roadways Tutoring Center during walk-in hours or set up an appointment at 303-615-1919.
  • If personal/life challenges are a barrier to re-enrollment, please refer the student to the Dean of Students at 303-615-0220 or file a CARE report for outreach and support. 
  • For technical issues such as password reset, students can call ITS at 303-352-7548.
  • Orientation questions can go to the Roadways Orientation, Transition, Retention team at 303-615-0770 or

Student Affairs appreciates your efforts to engage and connect with students. Don’t forget to ask, “Are you enrolled for fall?”

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