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Help us build a rankings roundup

If your program appears on a “best-of” or “top-ranked” list, email the Early Bird!

By Lindsey Coulter

March 19, 2019

MSU Denver signWith so many great things happening across campus, it can be hard to make sure every accomplishment gets its deserved recognition. One way we invite faculty and staff to help us celebrate successes is by sharing academic-program ranking announcements.

If your program is included in a “best-of” or “top-ranked” list, please share it with the Early Bird by emailing by April 10. Then, look for your program in a roundup of programs to celebrate in a future edition of the Early Bird.

Remember, you can also email to pass along inclusions for our monthly Faculty Citings and Kudos series or to share tips and story ideas.

Topics: Academics

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