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Faculty Senate update

Conversations on academic-policy procedures, budget-approval updates and upcoming award-winner presentations.

By Cory Phare

September 25, 2017

Attendees at a recent MSU Denver Faculty Senate meeting. Photo: Aly McLaranAfter calling the meeting to order and brief announcements, Matt Makley, Faculty Senate president and professor of history, kicked things off by discussing the role of faculty in academic-policy development.

Makley encouraged increased faculty participation to reaffirm processes grounded within the professoriate.

“We are the stewards of curriculum and academic policy,” he said. “If you value the faculty’s role in shared governance, it’s critical we deal with these kinds of questions head-on.”

Nominations closed for at-large senators; the three faculty who were nominated are Tony Nunez (human performance and sport), Eileen Starr (social work) and Daniel Krasner (philosophy).

In light of the Board of Trustees recently approving the budget, it was confirmed that there will be a 1 percent pay increase for all faculty, as well as a 2 percent increase to affiliate faculty. Provost Vicki Golich detailed how being the only four-year institution in Colorado with a modified open admission and MSU Denver’s significant dependence on enrollment make it difficult to predict the budget before census, when actual enrollments are certified. Makley also reaffirmed a general commitment to faculty advocacy.

“Every time we can fight for an additional percent, we’ll do that,” he said. “Over the length of your tenure here, that will serve you well.”

Other topics that were discussed:

  • The Richard T. Castro Distinguished Visiting Professorship takes place Monday in St. Cajetan’s, starting at 10:30 a.m.
  • Golich also addressed a question about the self-sustainability considerations of launching new graduate programs, and Makley noted appreciation for her continued presence and knowledge contributions at Senate meetings.
  • Makley announced the availability of conference-room space in the Faculty Senate offices. Located in SSB 342, it’s available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can accommodate up to eight people; faculty interested in booking should contact Robyn Sherwood.
  • The curriculum committee presented five approved proposals.
  • The reappointment, tenure and promotion committee is filled; in general, committee participation has been successful.
  • Teaching-excellence award winners and postdoctoral fellows will address the Senate at the Oct. 4 meeting; attendance is encouraged to converse, celebrate and enjoy cheesecake together.




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