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Board of Trustees approves University budget

Salary increases for faculty and staff are included in the fiscal year 2017-18 budget.

By Nathan Solheim

September 11, 2017

MSU Denver campusMSU Denver’s Board of Trustees approved the University’s fiscal year 2017-18 budget at its retreat last Thursday.

The $210 million operating budget – developed during the past six months by the University’s Budget Task Force – includes $6.4 million in additional funds based on a 6.5 percent tuition increase, a .5 percent enrollment increase and a small increase in state funding.

The additional funds cover compensation adjustments for University employees. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Faculty will receive a 1 percent salary increase and a 1 percent increase to the tiered CUPA minimum based on years of service.
  • Administrators will receive a 1 percent increase and an increase to 92 percent of CUPA. (Administrators were previously compensated at 90 percent of CUPA.)
  • Affiliate faculty will receive a 2 percent salary increase.

“The big takeaway is the CUPA move, which helps us continue to increase the minimum we will pay faculty or staff,” said George Middlemist, associate vice president for administration/ controller. “For those making below CUPA minimums, it also helps us try to keep them up with the cost of living.”

Increases will be reflected in October paychecks.

The task force also allocated funds for new positions, including two full-time faculty, one affiliate faculty and six administrators. The rest of the additional funds cover other mandatory expenses, including contract increases, student scholarships and an increase in the state minimum wage.

Classified staff received a 1.75 percent pay increase with a .75 percent merit-based increase that went into effect on July 1. (Classified staff compensation levels are determined by the state.)

Middlemist added that the task force, which consists the University’s senior and constituent group leadership, is already looking to get a jump on next year’s budget.

“We usually start in February and do our final work in August,” Middlemist said. “This year, we’re looking to begin in early October – we want to do a much deeper dive into the budget to see how we’re spending our money.”

Additionally, MSU Denver’s Human Resources Department is investigating alternate forms of compensation, which you can read about in upcoming editions of the Early Bird.

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