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Counseling keeps students on track

How the Office of Career Services supports retention and success at MSU Denver.

By Bridgette Coble, Ph.D.

October 17, 2018

students in classroomMetropolitan State University of Denver students leave the University for a variety of reasons — many of which have little to do with career development. However, some students leave because they are uncertain of their direction or purpose, and this is where career development comes into play.

When a student has an idea of how their college education will prepare them for a career of interest, they are more motivated to complete their degree. There is purpose in their endeavor and a concrete reward for completing their journey. In addition, they become more knowledgeable about how to prepare for careers and, in turn, establish more confidence overall.

Career Services provides students with information on occupations and access to career professionals, which helps students better understand the realities of a career, how to prepare and what to expect. These resources help facilitate career readiness by encouraging engagement in activities that develop skills that employers seek.

Career Services also provides career counseling and career-assessment interpretation to help students gain more clarity about themselves and learn how their unique interests and personality can align with a future career.

Students who take career assessments move further along in their career planning. Last year, Career Services surveyed 64 students who had their Strong Interest inventory interpreted by one of our career counselors. Of that group, 100 percent reported that they are now able to identify majors that fit their interests and can identify possible career paths relevant to who they are.

Career Services also sampled 1,856 students who met with a career counselor or advisor and found that 99.7 percent returned to MSU Denver the following semester, and 96 percent of those who were seniors graduated or enrolled for the next semester. In a sample of 280 students who met with a career counselor or advisor, 99 percent declared a major within the year.

To learn more about Career Services and how staff can help your students succeed, check out the office's most recent newsletter.

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