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Faculty Citings

An overview of recent MSU Denver faculty publications and presentations.

By Lindsey Coulter

August 20, 2018

Woman reading a book in a libraryMetropolitan State University of Denver faculty members publish research in some of the world’s most prestigious academic journals and share their knowledge at conferences across the globe.

Here’s an overview of their recent work:

Debbie Gilliard, Ph.D., professor, management
Lynn Hoffman, Ph.D., professor, management
Sally Baalbaki-Yassine, Ph.D., professor, marketing

“Is Lululemon Athletica’s Turnaround Sustainable?”
American Journal of Management
“The Toy Industry is Declining: How can Mattel, Inc. Survive?”
Journal of Marketing Development & Competitiveness

Cristina Míguez Cruz, Ph.D., associate professor, modern languages
“Imagination, Education, and Consumption in Recent Uruguayan Cinema”
56th International Congress of Americanists, Salamanca, Spain

James Aubrey, Ph.D., professor, English
“Evolving English Studies”
English Language Teachers’ Association of India Annual Conference, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

Rachel Sinley, Ph.D., MPH, RD, assistant professor, nutrition, professional studies
“Utilization of the Conceptual Change Teaching Method to Reach Diverse Audiences With Food Safety”
International Association for Food Protection Conference, Salt Lake City

Shawn Meek, assistant professor, communication design, art
Templated: The Argument for Conceptual Representation in Responsive Landscapes
Hawaii University International Conference: 2018 STEM/STEAM Education Conference

Johannes Hendrik Snyman, Ph.D., professor, management
“Are Subscribers Cutting Their Subscriptions in the Telecommunications Industry”
Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability

Bill Carnes, D.M., professor, management
David Thornton, Ph.D., professor, management
“Law Enforcement: Managing Community Relations Using Social Media”
Review of Higher Education and Self-Learning

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