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Faculty tenure and promotions

Here are the faculty members who have been promoted to associate professor or professor and who have received emeritus distinction.

June 21, 2018

CampusPromotion to professor

Shamim Ahsan, Environmental Science

Dawn Apryl Brodersen, Management

Aaron Brown,  Mechanical Engineering Technology

Lynann Butler, Human Services Professions

William Carnes, Management

Diane Davis, Mathematics and Computer Science

Amy Dore, Health Care Management

Cynthia Dormer, Nutrition

Andrew Evans Jr., Earth and Atmospheric Science

Tina Herring, Special Education, Early Childhood, and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

Christina Huber, Economics

Ibon Izurieta, Associate Dean-College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Christopher Jennings, Journalism and Technical Communication

Mary Beth Krueger, Music

Jeffrey London, Criminal Justice and Criminology

John Lubinski, Theatre

Kathleen Luttenegger, Elementary Education and Literacy

Elizabeth McVicker, Management

Richard Moeller, Political Science

Andrew Muldoon, History

Sam Ng, Meteorology

Letitia Pleis, Accounting

Robert Preuhs, Political Science

Nina Radojevich-Kelley, Management

Jessica Rossi-Katz, Speech Communication

Sheila Rucki, Political Science

Shaun Schafer, Journalism and Technical Communication

Peter Schimpf, Music

Pamela Troyer, English

Kip Wotkyns, Journalism and Technical Communication

Adriann Wycoff, Chicana/o Studies

Hsin-Te Yeh, Secondary Education, K-12 Education and Educational Technology


Promotion to associate professor with tenure

Michael Bernhardt, Art

Nicolas Cachanosky, Economics

Krista Fiedler Griffin, Elementary Education and Literacy

Megan Filbin, Chemistry

Sergio Gallegos, Philosophy

Elizabeth Goodnick, Philosophy

Jeff Hammond, Journalism and Technical Communications

Christopher Harder, Mathematics and Computer Science

Natasha Hudson, Human Services Professions

Matthew Jenkins, Art

Gabrielle Katz, Earth and Atmospheric Science

Brenden Kendall, Communication Arts and Sciences

Jason Kolts, Biology

Chalane Lechuga, Chicana/o Studies

Katherine Martinez, Institute for Women’s Studies and Services

Emily Matuszewicz, Health Professions

Jeffrey Parker, Theatre

Emily Ragan, Chemistry

Amanda Schaeffer-Fry, Mathematics

Corey Sell, Elementary Education and Literacy

Kathryn Trujillo, Social Work

Helene Ver Eecke, Biology


Emeritus faculty for 2018-19

William Baxendale, Professor Emeritus-Biology      

Robert Breitenbach, Professor Emeritus-Management (Posthumous)       

Arthur Campa, Administrator Emeritus-Associate Dean of College of Letters, Arts and Sciences 

William Emerson, Professor Emeritus-Mathematical and Computer Science        

Margaret Fraser, Professor Emeritus-Elementary Education and Literary  

John Hathorn, Professor Emeritus-Accounting         

Sandra Haynes, Administrator Emeritus-Deputy Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Carol Jensen, Professor Emeritus-Health Professions          

Michael Kornelsen, Professor Emeritus-Music         

Lupe Martinez, Associate Professor Emeritus-Elementary Education and Literary 

Stuart Monroe, Professor Emeritus-Computer Information Systems

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