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Recent arrivals and departures

Meet the new faculty and staff members on campus, and learn where they work.

April 11, 2018

MSU Denver SignMSU Denver’s new hires

Terri Balogh, Instructional Technology Specialist, ITS Infrastructure Services

Cheryl Fountain, Office Manager, University Advancement

Steven Hartman, Development Associate, University Advancement

Kevin Polinski, Learning Spaces Specialist, ITS-User Services

Rachel Quintana, Office Coordinator, Access Center

MSU Denver’s recent departures

Leigh Eleazer International Student Support Coordinator Orientation, Transition and Retention - Roadways

Ariel Peele, Assistant Director of Communications, Marketing and Communications

Michael Rager, Title IX Investigator/Student Conduct Specialist, Dean of Students Office

Nathan Solheim, Web Content Manager/Staff Writer, Marketing and Communications

Susy Smith, Accounts Payable Technician, Account Services

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