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Questions about curriculum and academic programs?

We have answers! Here’s the latest on the future of face-to-face, hybrid and online courses.

October 4, 2017

Student using social mediaDid you know that we are developing a strategic plan for our online and hybrid course delivery to complement our face-to-face courses?

MSU Denver already has two fully online programs – Social Work and Health Care Management. We also have several programs that are close to being able to deliver their curricula fully online. We want to be strategic in ensuring our programs are high-quality in content and delivery format.

We are committed to meeting the needs of students for a flexible and rigorous education. In five years, we anticipate that more courses and programs will be available online or in a hybrid format.

The college learning experience may be entirely different in five to 10 years. Expected educational technology trends include:

  • Enhanced capabilities for synchronous online classes, wherever a student is located around the globe
  • New forms of human-computer interactions such as virtual reality
  • Use of gaming technology for interactive learning, credentialing and badging in addition to degrees
  • Maker spaces with digital creative tools for collaboration.

Special thanks to Vicki Golich, provost; Sandra Haynes, deputy provost for academic and student affairs; and Steve Kreidler, vice president of administration and finance, for rounding up these answers.






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