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Recent MSU Denver staff arrivals and departures

Meet the new faculty and staff members now on campus and learn where they work.

September 12, 2017

MSU Denver’s new hires
Marin Abell, Assistant Professor, Art
Susan Ahrendt, Assistant Professor, Education
Jenny Allert, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Craig Archuletta, Lecturer, Institute for Women's Studies
Biff Baker, Visiting Faculty, Management
Stacy Barton, Assistant Professor, Journalism
Chandell Bell, Fostering Success Coordinator, Center for Equity and Student Achievement (CESA)
Courtney Berry, Lecturer, Education
Jessica Bertram, Instructor, First Year Success
Sheri Betzer, Lecturer, Accounting
Erin Bissell, Assistant Professor, Biology
Ian Bryner, Interim First Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach, Athletics
Pamela Charlie Buckley, Assistant Professor, Education
Sally Casey, Lecturer, Health Professions
Yasmin Cassini, Lecturer, Health Professions
Sharmin Digankar, Lecturer, Nursing
Cynthia Erickson, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Felix Flores, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Management
Minerva Galvez, Administrative Assistant, Communications, Arts and Sciences
Nicolette Giasolli, Lecturer, Biology
Johana Guzman, Interim Administrative Coordinator and Office Manager, Orientation
Jade Hoyer, Assistant Professor, Art
Feng Jiang, Assistant Professor, Math and Computer Science
Shinyong Jung, Assistant Professor, Hospitality, Tourism and Events
Eunjoo Kang, Assistant Professor, Hospitality, Tourism and Events
Zachary Kirk, Instructor, First Year Success
Viktor Kiss, Lecturer, Management
Cynthia Krentz, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Megan Lawless, Assistant Professor, Education
Megan Lazorski, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Katrina Little, Lecturer, Nursing
Kera Magarill, Lecturer, Health Professions 
Debra Mathias, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Paula McGuire, Assistant Professor, Communications, Arts and Sciences
William Mesa, Assistant Professor, Accounting
Tony Nunez, Assistant Professor, Human Performance and Sport
Ann Obermann, Assistant Professor, Social Work
Alexis O'Brien, Lecturer, Education
Laura Padilla-Pater, Concurrent Enrollment/Ascent Coordinator, ECCP Program
Thuy Phan, Assistant Registrar, Registrar's Office
Jesus Quintana, CAMP Recruiter, Chicano Studies
Michael Rhoads, Lecturer, Psychology
Kathy Rigsby, Equity Specialist Coordinator, President's Office
Ofelia Schepers, Assistant Professor, Education
Timothy Schmidt, Interim Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics
Jennifer Seman, Lecturer, History
Dorothy Shapland, Assistant Professor, Education
Salina Siddique, Assistant Professor, Accounting
Sara Sirivanchai, Retention and Success Advisor Gender, Institute for Women's Studies
Lisa Snelling, Lecturer, Biology
Garrett Spradlin, Coordinator of Events and Recruitment Communications, Admissions Office
Cathy Stilwell, Lecturer, Social Work
Ryan Strain, Head Baseball Coach, Athletics
Matthew Watson, Staff Writer, Student Retention Marketing and Communications
Deborah Wilcox, Assistant Professor, Health Professions
Amanda Wilson, Post Award Coordinator, Sponsored Research and Programs

Employee departures from MSU Denver
Jacquelyn Benton, Senior Lecturer, Africana Studies
Ryan Campbell, Civic Engagement Program Manager, Urban Land Grant Outreach
Teodora Dimitrova, Instructional Designer, ITS/Educational Technology Center
Anne Hallam Jones, Assistant Professor of Art, Art
Ruya Norton, Social Media Strategist, Marketing and Communications
Sheryl Muir, Lecturer, Alternative Licensure Program Special Education
Jennifer Phou, Assistant Bursar, Office of the Bursar
Creseda Riccardi, STEM Career Specialist, Career Services
Michael Wery, Office of Field Education Specialist, Social Work


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