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4 things you can do on the policy website

Here’s how you can be involved in policy development.

By Nathan Solheim

September 6, 2017

While there are many ways for employees to take part in the policymaking process here at MSU Denver, a lot of it can be done online, making it easier to comment or propose policies than ever before.

“Policies affect the daily lives of employees and students, so having a clear understanding of how to operate within the policy framework leads to better decisions and support for employees and students,” says Megan Jones, MSU Denver’s policy administrator.

With that in mind, here are four things you can do on the policy website:

1. Comment on a proposed policy or revision. 
2. Locate existing policies. 
3. Access writing guides or templates if you’re working on a draft policy. 
4. Contact the policy administrator. 

In addition to online policy participation, there will be several policy workshops scheduled for the fall semester. Information on the workshops will be included in future Early Bird stories, or you can check the policy website for more details.

“It’s important for employees to be engaged with policy because they are the guiding principles that we focus our work around,” Jones adds. “And contributing to the policy-development process encourages collaboration and shared understanding of the goals we’re trying to reach by developing and enacting policy.”

To contact the policy office, visit or email

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