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Twelve years of outstanding progress for MSU Denver

Increasing student retention and graduation rates.

By Julie Lucas

July 20, 2017

As an institution that serves many nontraditional and part-time students, student retention and graduation has been a challenge — a challenge we’ve met with increasing success. In 2012, the Student Success Building opened, housing unique student-focused programs. Fully funded by student fees, it is a physical demonstration of the University’s commitment to student retention and graduation. The First Year Success program has been a significant driver in retaining students past their stressful initial college experience. FYS offers wraparound services that support students both academically and socially.

First time studentsFTE Degrees

Clearly the steps MSU Denver has taken are working: The progress made in the last dozen years is impressive.


MSU Denver has been transforming lives by helping our students find their path to what’s next and preparing them to make the most of it.

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