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Recent MSU Denver staff arrivals and departures

Meet the new faculty and staff members now on campus and learn where they work.

July 10, 2017

People entering and exiting the Student Success Building.MSU Denver’s new hires
Charisma Martinez, Program Assistant, Health Professions
Taylor Atkinson, Interim Annual Giving Manager, University Advancement
Marisol Gomes, Front Desk Representative, Academic Advising
Laura Gorny, State and Federal Reporting Specialist, Team DELTA
Matt Griswold, Director of Online Programs, ECCP Program
Lisa Kirscht, Individualized Degree Specialist, Center for Individualized Learning
Sarah Debbek, Instructional Technology Specialist, Information Technology Services
Jeffrey Keil, Linux Systems Technician, Information Technology Services
Michael Marquez, Equity Assistant Specialist, President's Office
Traci McBee Rowe, Director of Donor Engagement, University Advancement
Jay Allen, Interim Compensation and Classification Specialist, Human Resources
Terry Bower, Director of Innovative Learning, ECCP Program
Tracy Chao, Head Women's Soccer Coach, Athletics
Jocelyn Galindo, Administrative Assistant, English
Jessica Kirkpatrick, Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid
Malebo Marutle , Accounts Payable Specialist, Accounting Services
Alejandra Perez-Urkoski, Government Relations Manager, Marketing and Communications
Marcy Baltz, Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Megan Fowler, Interim Administrative Assistant, Women's Studies
David Harper, Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Erin Miller, Office Coordinator, Nursing
Leslie Rodriguez, Veteran Certifying Official, Registrar's Office
Anthony Scalia, Transfer Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Scott Surine, Interim Director of Brand Strategy, Marketing and Communications
Shannon Campbell, Director of Graduate Studies, Academic and Student Affairs
Kyle Garrity, Accounting Tech III, Health Center at Auraria
Juan Gallegos, Brother to Brother Coordinator, Student Academic Success
Lisa LaMunyon, Bank Reconciliation Accountant, Accounting Services
Kim Prewitt, ITAM Specialist, Information Technology Services
Rose Williams, Interim Academic Assistant, Teacher Education
Maureen Winter, Donor Engagement Coordinator, University Advancement
Anna-Liisa Breit, Desktop Support Liaison, Information Technology Services
David Carver, Assistant Women's Soccer Coach, Athletics
Stephen Cheesman, Contracts Administrator, Accounting Services
Quan Tran, Desktop Systems Engineer, Information Technology Services
Joanne Ammidown, Budget Analyst, Budget
Pat Cheng, Desktop Support Liaison, Information Technology Services
Joseph Grannes, Assistant to the Academic Program Coordinator, History
Meagan Hodge Sagaser, Budget and Office Manager, Marketing and Communications
Hope Hale, Office Coordinator, College of Professional Studies
Alexa Hardick, Interim Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, Athletics
Erica Quintana-Garcia, Dean of Students Office Case Manager, Student Life Office
Yadira Solis, Administrative Coordinator, Human Resources
Michael Maley, Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center Office
Alyssa Marks, Internship Coordinator, Applied Learning Center
Kristy Peck, Lab Coordinator, Chemistry
Kathryn von Stein, Clinical Placement Manager, Nursing
Lucas Gabriel, Interim First Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, Athletics
Gordon Loui, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement, Marketing and Communications
Nicholas Stancil, Deputy General Counsel, President's Office
Anthony Brown, Call Center Coordinator, Enrollment Management
Donald Lewis, Compliance Officer, Accounting Services
Alexis O’Brien, Lecturer, Education
Amy Cardillo, Lecturer, Accounting
Ann Obermann, Assistant Professor, Social Work
Cynthia Erickson, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Cynthia Krentz, Assistant Professor, Nursing
David Dickerson, International Business Tenure Track Faculty, Management
Deborah Wilcox, Assistant Professor, Health Professions
Debra Mathias, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Dorothy Shapland, Assistant Professor, Education
Erin Bissell, Assistant Professor, Biology
Erin Seedorf, Lecturer, Health Care Management
Eunjoo Kang, Assistant Professor, Hospitality, Tourism and Events
Felix Flores, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Management
Feng Jiang, Assistant Professor, Mathematical and Computer Sciences 
Jade Hoyer, Assistant Professor, Art
Jen Allert, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Jessica Dorestant, Lecturer, Nutrition
Katrina Little, Lecturer, Nursing
Kevin Hammons, Lecturer, Human Services
Marin Abell, Assistant Professor, Art
Megan Lazorski, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Megan Lawless, Assistant Professor, Education
Michael Rhoads, Lecturer, Psychology
Ofelia Schepers, Assistant Professor, Education
Pamela Buckley, Assistant Professor, Education
Paula McGuire, Assistant Professor, Communications Arts and Sciences
Richard Sandoval, Lecturer, Sociology and Anthropology
Salina Siddique, Assistant Professor, Accounting
Sharmin Digankar, Lecturer, Nursing
Sheri Betzer, Lecturer, Accounting
Shinyong Jung, Assistant Professor, Hospitality, Tourism and Events
Stacy Barton, Assistant Professor, Journalism
Susan Ahrendt, Assistant Professor, Education
Tony Nunez, Assistant Professor, Human Performance and Sport
William Mesa, Assistant Professor, Accounting

Employee departures from MSU Denver
Allison Morgan, Academic Advisor, Academic Advising
Bernice Harris, Special Assistant Provost, Provost's Office
Kim Spiering, Associate General Counsel, Legal
Toan Nguyen, Counselor, Financial Aid
Jasmine Cervantes, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, Athletics
Tony Price, Director of Campus Recreation, Campus Recreation
Andrew Kuebeck, Assistant Professor, Art
Annette Lege, Senior Lecturer, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics
Jody Beardsley, Administrative Coordinator and Office Manager, Student Success
Catharine Bishop, Associate Professor, Health Professions
Catherine Curran, Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences
David Dirks, Professional in Residence, Accounting Services
Doug Choi, Associate Professor, Finance
Hope Szypulski, Associate Professor, Nursing
James Furrer, Lecturer, Communication Arts and Sciences
John Hathorn, Professor, Accounting
Kelly Felice, Associate Professor, Human Services
Larry Collette, Associate Professor, Speech Communications
Mary Lee Danielson, Assistant Professor, Special Education, Early Childhood, & Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education
Genet Sebehat, Assistant Director of Data Management, Admissions
Charlotte Stone, Accountant III, Accounting Services
Valerie Borum, Associate Professor, Social Work
Stephanie Abell, Assistant Director for Student Activities, Student Activities
Sean Nesbitt, Director of Facilities and Space Management, Facilities Management
Alexander Jamerson, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, Athletics
Andrea Rascon, International Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Janine Jackson, Associate Director of Development, University Advancement
Manisha Pinge, Associate Director, Information Technology Services Educational Technology Center
Bobby Blanken, Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach, Athletics
Benjamin Portie, Head Women's Golf Coach, Athletics
Barbara Barclay, Associate Professor, Social Work
John Burtness, Vice President of University of Advancement
Stephen Jordan, President, President's Office
Karen Kusler, Process Improvement Specialist, Team DELTA
Loretta Martinez, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Legal
Patricia Tucker, Associate Professor, Math and Computer Science
Mark Potter, Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies, Academic and Student Affairs
Margaret Puryear, Interim Director, Student Learning, Academic and Student Affairs
Esther Rodriguez, Special Assistant to the President, Hispanic Serving Institution
Virginia Cruz, Associate Professor, Social Work
Adam Wall, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, Athletics
Gretchen West, Administrative Assistant III, Accounting
Jean Wilkins, Assistant to the Associate Vice President, Student Engagement & Wellness, Dean of Students Office

Editor's Note: This story was updated at 4:15 p.m. on July 10, 2017. 

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