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The handbook just got handier

The Handbook for Professional Personnel has been updated with several changes.

By Dan Vaccaro

July 5, 2017

Laptop displaying handbookThe President’s Cabinet approved five changes to the Handbook for Professional Personnel at its June 12 meeting. Most of the changes pertain to faculty members.

The Cabinet:

  • Added language stating that any faculty members granted credit toward tenure for prior service must include, in their evaluation portfolio and narrative, materials documenting their accomplishments in the areas of teaching, scholarship and service during those years for which they are receiving credit.
  • Removed any reference to “early tenure” from the Handbook, and to clarify that all tenure candidates, whether they apply in the fourth, fifth or sixth probationary year, are to be evaluated by the same procedures and criteria.
  • Address inconsistency in language in two sections of the Handbook pertaining to granting of rank/tenure upon appointment of a faculty member.
  • Removed any requirement for summative peer observations from the Handbook; number and type of peer observations required for faculty evaluation will be specified in departmental guidelines.
  • Modified Handbook language to include the School of Education where appropriate.
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