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Twelve years of outstanding progress for MSU Denver

Building closer connections with MSU Denver alumni.

June 29, 2017

Since its founding in 1965, we’ve understood that MSU Denver would need to take a different and more out-of-the-box approach to growth. Our priority has been on using innovative approaches to maximize student success. We have focused on sharpening our brand and lifting our profile among our stakeholders, including potential donors, the community at large and especially among alumni who need to be continually engaged with the institution. Private gifts have risen considerably. In 2005, the University received $1.9 million in private gifts. For fiscal year 2016-17, ending June 30, 2017, that figure is expected to top $6.6 million.

Private donations infographic

Alumni donors have increased as well in the past dozen years. In 2005 there were 1,617 alumni donors. This year we expect approximately 2,400. Alumni engagement has risen as well, from 2,252 in 2005 to approximately 4,000 this year.

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