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At the core of advanced manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute at the AES will offer a degree program with core courses and a range of academic concentrations.

June 21, 2017

Students can choose from one of eight concentrations in the Advanced Manufacturing Sciences degree program.
Students can choose from one of eight concentrations in the Advanced Manufacturing Sciences degree program.

Fall 2018 first-year students who begin the advanced manufacturing sciences degree program will be the inaugural class in the new Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building. Among the core course topics that they will study are: electronics, trigonometry, technical drawing, manufacturing analysis and computing for advanced manufacturing.

An important core course is “Professional Internship,” which gives students the opportunity to work onsite at the AES with one of MSU Denver’s manufacturing company partners. This opportunity is unique, and it allows students to experience a multidisciplinary manufacturing environment and to work on one of the companies’ projects. Students can establish industry contacts, which can be crucial for future employment.

Students can elect to concentrate their studies within the AMS bachelor’s degree program, in one of eight areas:

  • Aerospace technology
  • Civil engineering/construction
  • Computer information systems (including a cyber-security component)
  • Computer sciences (including a cyber-security component)
  • Electrical engineering technology
  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical engineering technology
  • Operations management
A ribbon-cutting ceremony for MSU Denver
A ribbon-cutting ceremony for MSU Denver's new AES Building will take place on June 22.

Within these concentrations are such classes as:

  • 3-D Modeling
  • Advanced Manufacturing Analysis
  • Aerodynamics
  • Building Structures
  • Composites Manufacturing
  • Computational Matrix Algebra
  • Computing for Advanced Manufacturing
  • Database Management Systems
  • Direct Digital Manufacturing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Engineering Law
  • Fiber Optics
  • Orbital Mechanical and Aerospace Systems Simulations
  • Organizational Management
  • Physics
  • Principles of Quality Assurance
  • Space Flight Operations I
  • Survey of Advanced Manufacturing

A key opportunity for students is that the Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute offers proximity to and actual experience with commercial manufacturers, their advanced technology and high-precision equipment, all within the University’s newest building.

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