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COA: We’re committed to all Roadrunners

Council of Administrators issues proclamation in support of undocumented and immigrant students.

By Cory Phare

June 7, 2017

A proclamation“Metropolitan State University of Denver was established in 1965 as a college of opportunity with the mission of making higher education achievable for ALL students regardless of race/ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, religion or socioeconomic background. In addition, MSU Denver has committed itself to support educational success of undocumented and immigrant students through degree attainment.”

So states the recent proclamation in support of undocumented and immigrant students recently approved by the Council of Administrators and posted on its website.

According to Gretta Mincer, associate director of student activities and a COA representative-at-large, the proclamation marked a departure for the organization’s business as usual, but one that bridged the strategic advocacy of President Stephen Jordan with frontline administrative backing.

“There wasn’t a strong precedent for taking stances like this within COA, but after hearing about the Faculty Senate’s resolution, we felt we needed to do something similar,” she said. “It’s important for all of our students to know we support them.”

After several drafts within a working committee, the measure was sent to administrators, who overwhelming voted in favor of adopting it. According to Mincer, the feedback received has been wholeheartedly positive and taps into the shared characteristic of advocacy for our students.

“It’s the kind of leadership that demonstrates we’re doing something to support our most vulnerable populations,” Mincer said.

“And it speaks to the reason of why I and so many others love working at a place like MSU Denver.”

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