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So, how are we doing?

This year’s national survey of student engagement is launching, and MSU Denver asks for faculty help to get more students involved.

By Mark Cox

February 22, 2017

Every two years, student support professionals ask students to take part in the national survey of student engagement. “Hey,” they shout. “This is a unique opportunity to let the University know how you’ve been engaged, what you’ve learned, and what is and isn’t working for you. Speak now and it could mean positive change down the line!”

However, what most students hear is, “Spend 20-25 minutes filling out an online form!” And most don’t bother.

That’s a real shame. According to Mark Potter, associate vice president for Undergraduate Studies, because, “The survey allows us to understand how students are being engaged, both in and out of class. And that means we’ll be better placed to help them more effectively in the future.”

Pizza persuasion

So this year (the survey runs from Feb. 13 to April 30), the Undergraduate Studies branch will be putting on pizza parties, giving out Amazon gift cards and pushing a social media campaign to boost response. But perhaps better than all that would be a friendly call-to-arms from faculty members.

As Potter puts it, “Students really respect their teachers, so we’re asking faculty members to help class members realize that this survey is their big opportunity to give open-ended feedback to the University.

“Of course, we welcome any and all compliments. But this is also the time when students can feel free to share how they did or didn’t connect with the University. Because if we know what isn’t working, then we can fix it.”

(Note: The survey goes out to freshmen and seniors only, in the form of an email invitation.)

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