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From Russia with business acumen

Want to understand how global business works? MSU Denver College of Business has invited a top Russian diplomat to share some expert thoughts.

By Mark Cox

February 20, 2017

Later this week, the Tivoli Building will host a very important visitor.

The Honorable Sergey V. Petrov, consul general at the Russian Federation, will be leading a talk on campus this Thursday titled “Business Integration: Russia and Colorado.”

The event will give students, faculty, guests and local entrepreneurs an opportunity to discuss business with a noted authority from the other side of the world.

David Dickerson, Ph.D., director of International Business Programs and the event’s organizer, is excited about its potential. He says, “We want to demonstrate that our College of Business and the state of Colorado can work together to build mutually beneficial commercial relationships in an increasingly borderless world.”

Trade partners

The discussion is open to anyone interested in the topic of creating business relationships with Russia.

Dickerson adds, “The College of Business is sponsoring this event because we would love to see economic results between Colorado and Russia, both of which are leaders in the energy, mining, agriculture and hi-tech industries.

“This event will put a strong focus on the strategic economic synergies between Colorado and Russia, and hopefully result in furthering our international trade relationship.”

Event details

Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017
9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.
Tivoli 320 (Baerresen Ballroom)

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