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A ‘highly productive, highly fulfilled workplace’

How you can create a positive culture.

February 16, 2017

A recent Denver Business Journal article offered eight tips to help employees and managers create a positive workplace, where both are “highly productive and highly fulfilled.”

“MSU Denver has many of these already in place such as a shared vision and values, and more transparency,” says Josh Mackey, Ed.D., director of Human Resources at MSU Denver. He says the Board of Trustees wants to have programs that positively move the needle on organizational culture and asked him to lead a task force to accomplish that goal within the University.

Mackey believes that the University is not starting from scratch. Our organization culture is “very positive and encouraging,” Mackey says. “With conversations with staff leadership we ask, ‘What are things we can do together to make this a great place to be?’ We have a strong foundation to build on.”

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