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Announcing a new student services department

Making changes to ensure students get an even better deal.

By Mark Cox

February 14, 2017

Student support professionals at MSU Denver are always working to make sure they provide the best possible service for students – and occasionally that means innovation and change.

That’s why, beginning this month, the new Center for Equity and Student Achievement (CESA) is launching, while the Office of Student Persistence is ceasing operations.

The primary aim of this new development is to place an even greater focus on closing the attainment gap among students, while better serving traditionally underrepresented student groups.

New opportunities

Several programs – including Brother 2 Brother, Immigrant Services, TRIO Student Support Services and Fostering Success – will be moved over into the new setup, while College Completion will go over to Student Academic Success.

Mark Potter, associate vice president for Undergraduate Studies, said, “At heart, this move is about more effectively aligning our resources with the core mission of the University.

“The new center will bring a sharp focus to helping those, such as first-generation students, who can really benefit from the extra support.”

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