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Recent MSU Denver staff arrivals and departures

Meet the new faculty and staff members now on campus and learn what departments or organizations they work in.

February 13, 2017

MSU Denver’s new hires
Jenny Allert, Lecturer, Nursing
Cielle Amundson, Lecturer, English
Robert Audretsch, MET Lab Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Kyle Backlund, Associate Director of Planned Giving, The Foundation
Jesse Berry, Network Telephony Engineer, Information Technology Services
Erin Bissell, Lecturer, Biology
Christina Botello, Records Specialist, Registrar’s Office
Catherine Break, Study Abroad Advisor, International Studies Office
Christine Castillo, Administration Assistant III, Health Center at Auraria
Janis Christopher, Interim Head Track and Field Coach, Athletics
Deborah Ciancio, Child Welfare Stipend Coordinator, Social Work
T.J. DeCino, Lecturer, Aviation and Aerospace Science
Diane Forgione, Senior Employee Relations Specialist, Human Resources
Denys Frolkov, Accounting Technician III, Health Center at Auraria
Nicole Furuiye, Lecturer, Human Performance and Sport
Cynthia Gallegos, Interim Client Services Counselor, Financial Aid and Scholarships
David Haden, Associate Dean for Engagement and Wellness, Student Engagement and Wellness
Michael Heathcote, Human Subject Protection Program Manager, Academic and Student Affairs/Academic and Civic Collaboration
Bill Henry, Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs, Academic and Student Affairs
DeAnna Johnson, Lecturer, DIME
Viktor Miklos Kiss, Visiting Faculty, Management
Haley Kline, Verification Processor, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Nikolas Kouvaris, Counselor/Processor, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Karen Kusler, Interim Process Transformation Specialist, Team DELTA
Jennifer Lampe, Transfer Evaluator, Admissions
Susan Louch, Accounting Technician III, Health Center at Auraria
Yuliya Malishkin, Lecturer, Nursing
Ashley Maloney, Call Center Coordinator, Enrollment Management
Lillian Manygoats Doty, Academic Department Coordinator, College of Professional Studies-Army ROTC
Charisma Martinez, Program Assistant, Health Professions
Karen Martinez, Director of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships, School of Education
Xajés Martinez, Assistant Director, LGBTQ Student Resource Center
Mary Meadows, Interim Assistant Director of Field Education, Social Work
Nelly Minor, Financial Aid Counselor/Processor, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Ruya Norton, Social Media Strategist, Marketing and Communications
Richard Ortner, Lecturer, Communication Arts and Sciences
Erica Quintana-Garcia, Student Services Coordinator, DIME
James Reyes, Student Accounts Specialist, Bursar’s Office
Creseda Riccardi, STEM Career Specialist, Career Services
Marlynn Rocha-Vasquez, Associate Director of Internal Operations, Admissions
Summer Sides, Lecturer, Human Performance and Sport
Melissa Stegeman-Roberts, Lecturer, Psychology
Gwendolyn Thompson, Senior Director of Development, MSU Denver Foundation
James Tisdale, Registrar, Registrar’s Office
Douglas Van Dine, Lecturer, School of Education
Karen Whitt, Administration Assistant III, Counseling Center

Employee departures from MSU Denver
Cynthia Aguilar-Pack, Accounting Technician IV, Health Center at Auraria
Michelle Brown, Associate Director of Admissions, Admissions
Linda Bruce, Office Manager I, Counseling Center
Melissa Charloe, Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach, Athletics
Jacob Custer, 2-D Art Support Staff, Art Department
Jacqueline Granados, Pre-Collegiate Counselor, Excel Programs
Copeland Jones, Financial Aid Processor, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Marlee Kobzej, Assistant Director, College of Business Graduate Program
Eric Kratzer, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing and Communications
Christine Kuglin, Professional in Residency, Accounting
Erin Leslie, Administrative Assistant II, Management
James Lyall, CIO and AVP of Academic Computing, Information Technology Services
Nick Maas, Head Cross Country Coach, Athletics
Emily Maestas, Program Assistant I, Health Professions
Michael Maza, Assistant Director of Field Education, Social Work
Jenae McCarty, Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Harvey Milkman, Scholar in Residence, Psychology
Maryum Pelot, DIME Student Services Coordinator, DIME
Adrianne Pietz, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Athletics
Satyal Rubina, Accounting Technician III, Student Health Center
Brenda Sabo, Employer Relations Assistant, Applied Learning Center
Mercedes Salazar, Administrative Assistant III, Chicano Studies
Mark Smith, CLAS Social Science and Human Performance, Academic Advising
Richard Strong, Lecturer, CAS
Taylor Sylvette, Administrative Assistant II, Physics
Bethy Tessema, Admissions Counselor, Admissions Office
Evan Tynan, Marketing Services Specialist, Athletics
Amy Westergren-Amlicke, Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center




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