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5 reasons why everybody should know Lynda

Our new online learning platform is packed with good stuff to help with both your professional development and personal growth.

By Mark Cox

January 31, 2017

Meet Lynda. This cool new resource – modern and user friendly – features thousands of video courses to help hone your business and creative skills. Here are five reasons why you should check it out:

1. Top business tips

Find out all you need to know about communication, project management, marketing, making presentations and data analysis. There’s also an assortment of handy how-to guides.

2. Specialist stuff!

Lynda also includes lots of top-notch training materials relating to slightly more niche interests – such as photography, design, video, music production and animation.

3. Get software savvy

The platform’s long list of software training videos will show you how to master numerous packages such as Excel, SharePoint, PowerPoint and Google Analytics.

4. Organize your favorites

The “playlist” function on Lynda means you can collate and reorder all your favorite items – whether it’s for your own use, to share with colleagues or for use in presentations.

5. Professional and personal

Although Lynda is primarily a work-related tool, many of its features (iMovie, GarageBand, Vimeo, Dreamweaver) can also help with your interests and hobbies outside the office.

How to access Lynda

1. Go to
2. Click “Sign in” on the upper right hand corner on the home page.

An image of the lynda sign in page.

3. At the bottom of this screen click “Sign in with your organizational portal.”

An image showing how to sign in to your organizational portal

4. On the resulting screen enter “” in the URL field. Click “Continue.”

Enter your org's name

5. You now will be on the MSU Denver single sign-on page. Log in with your MSU Denver credentials to access

An image showing MSU Denver's single sign-on screen

6. You’re now on the dashboard.

An image depicting the homepage of lynda

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